We consider ourselves not simply a group of projects sharing a server, but rather a community of developers and users.

The Apache Software Foundation provides support for the Apache community of open-source software projects, which provide software products for the public good.

The Apache projects are defined by collaborative consensus based processes, an open, pragmatic software license and a desire to create high quality software that leads the way in its field.

Latest News

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The Apache Software Foundation Announces Apache™ Tez™ as a Top-Level Project

Highly-efficient Open Source framework for Apache Hadoop® YARN-powered data processing applications in use at Microsoft, NASA, Netflix, and Yahoo, among others. 

Forest Hill, MD –22 July 2014– The Apache Software Foundation (ASF), the all-volunteer developers, stewards, and incubators of more than 170 Open Source projects and initiatives, announced today that...

The Apache Software Foundation Announces Apache™ Log4j™ v2

Framework for widely-used Open Source Java-based logging library now faster and more extensible, with new plugin architecture.

Forest Hill, MD –22 July 2014– The Apache Software Foundation (ASF), the all-volunteer developers, stewards, and incubators of more than 170 Open Source projects and initiatives, announced today the General Availability of Apache™...

Travel Assistance Applications Now Open for ApacheCon Europe: Budapest 17-21 November 2014

The Apache Software Foundation (ASF)'s Travel Assistance Committee (TAC) is now accepting applications for ApacheCon Europe 2014, taking place 17-21 November in Budapest, Hungary.

The TAC is seeking individuals from the Apache community at-large, users, developers, educators, students, Committers, and Members, who would like to attend ApacheCon, but need some...

[ANN] Apache Tomcat 7.0.55 released

The Apache Tomcat team announces the immediate availability of Apache Tomcat 7.0.55.
Apache Tomcat is an open source software implementation of the Java Servlet, JavaServer Pages and Java Expression Language technologies.
This release contains a number of bug fixes and improvements compared to version 7.0.54.
Please refer...

[ANNOUNCE] Apache Jackrabbit Oak 1.0.3 released

The Apache Jackrabbit community is pleased to announce the release of Apache Jackrabbit Oak 1.0.3. The release is available for download at:
See the full release notes below for details about this release.
Release Notes -- Apache Jackrabbit Oak -- Version 1.0.3
Introduction ------------

[ANNOUNCE][ACS44] Apache CloudStack 4.4.0 is released

Apache CloudStack is open source software designed to deploy and manage large networks of virtual machines, as a highly available, highly scalable Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud computing platform. CloudStack is used by a number of service providers to offer public cloud services, and by many companies to provide...

Latest Activity

This is an overview of activity going on with our projects. SVN commits, bug reports, tweets, you name it.

@TheASF: Early Registration for @ApacheCon Europe ends 1 Aug. 24 Tracks of #Apache goodness. http://t.co/Glk2IOh3Ai #OpenSource #conference #Budapest
@TheASF: The Apache Software Foundation Announces #Apache™ #Tez™ as a Top-Level Project http://t.co/P6cJ5nbcMQ #OpenSource #BigData #Hadoop #YARN
r1614613 Add space after ### or #### (jena) — andy
r1614612 Documentation. (sis) — desruisseaux
r1614611 Following the availability of apr_hash_this_key() etc. in APR v1.5, use these in Subversion code instead of svn__apr_hash_index_key() etc. Provide substitutes... (subversion) — julianfoad
r1614610 Partial TIKA-1377 patch from Dan Becker, with changes - add more XMPDM keys (in order), and add ID3v1 stubs for... (tika) — nick
r1614609 Add note about restricting the test set (sling) — bdelacretaz
[AMBARI-6664] Oozie service can not be started on Ambari server with external Postgres


  • Install single node cluster with Postgres 9 server as Ambari and Oozie DB (Stack - 2.0). Postgres server should...
[QPID-5944] Expose queue clear management operation to the REST API and Web Management Console

A number of users have requested that clear queue function is made available through the REST API and Web Management...

[CLOUDSTACK-7136] [Automation] NPE thrown during listing Hosts For Migration Of VM

NullPointer Exception:

2014-07-11 15:38:49,980 DEBUG [c.c.a.ApiServlet] (catalina-exec-8:ctx-fe756f7e) ===START=== – GET signature=b5ug4%2FGZ2j39PwVI1etwVopiE7o%3D&apiKey=Ra1mlXzCZU0K1l4MKDWdRbQDU67PCQuRnKYv3hyc-Q8hSvCSFjB32UtifLbS6oYpMeKaf0BCuUidMw0LqZeCMA&command=queryAsyncJobResult&response=json&jobid=6a85f3b5-98fa-407d-90b6-16ed1b6d3ff5
2014-07-11 15:38:49,999 DEBUG [c.c.a.ApiServlet] (catalina-exec-8:ctx-fe756f7e ctx-305f25b6...

[LUCENE-5850] Constants#LUCENE_MAIN_VERSION can have broken values

Constants#LUCENE_MAIN_VERSION is set to the Lucene Main version and should not contain minor versions. Well this is at least what...

[CASSANDRA-7511] Commit log grows infinitely after truncate

Commit log grows infinitely after CF truncate operation via cassandra-cli, regardless CF receives writes or not thereafter.
CF's could be...