ASF mail search -

The Mail Search engine uses Apache Lucene and Apache Solr.

Note that only mails from the private archives are indexed.

To search mails from public archives (e.g. user and developer lists) please use one of the 3rd party mail search engines.

Standard search mode

The standard search mode uses "qt=dismax" mode, which is a very simplified syntax. The syntax is described here DisMaxQParserPlugin

Advanced search mode

Advanced mode (if enabled) allows searching by various different fields. To search for a specific field value use the following syntax: fieldname:value

Search terms can be combined. The default operator is AND. Use a leading "-" sign to reject results containing the term. The wildcard meta-character is "*". Use double-quotes to embed spaces in values.

The searchable database includes the following fields:

  • from - the sender, e.g. from:infra*
  • to - the list of recipients, e.g. to:commons
  • subject - the subject line of the message, e.g. subject:"New wiki created:"
  • body - the body of the message
  • message-id - the unique message id, e.g.
  • project - the name of the project, or role, e.g. project:httpd, project:tomcat, project:members
  • listname - the name of the list, e.g. listname:private, listname:cvs

Note that the project-listname values are displayed at the top left of each result.