Please contribute to this top-level documentation.

As with all ASF projects, if you have changes to this top-level ASF documentation (/foundation/ and /dev/) then please send patches. Do that via the Infrastructure issues tracker. (Do not reveal obviously sensitive information, such as the name of any private mailing lists.) Note: PMC chairs have write access to SVN and are responsible for ensuring that the portions of the website which relate to their PMC are kept up to date.


The sources are managed in the SVN repository
Everyone has read access. All ASF committers have write access. All ASF members can publish changes.

See also the CMS Reference Manual.

To update the documentation using only command-line tools

$ cd infrastructure/content/dev/
$ $EDITOR infra-site.mdtext
$ svn commit
... wait a short while for the page to be rebuilt ...
$ curl -sL | perl
(you can run this last command on if it fails locally;
 e.g. simply run $ ssh -t <user> www <user>)

Note: the project name for the ASF website ( is www.

These changes should then be mirrored worldwide within a few seconds.

To update the documentation using the CMS system

  • Install the bookmarklet from the cms page. You only have to do this once.
  • Navigate to the page you wish to edit (on the live site, not in the cms).
  • Click the bookmarklet. There will be a short pause while the CMS system is initialised for you.
  • Click on Edit (to skip this step hack the bookmarklet to add an 'action=edit' param to the query string)
  • The page editor should then be displayed.
  • Click Submit to save your edit to the workarea
  • Click Commit to save the updated file to SVN and trigger a staged build. (to skip this step click on the "Quick Commit" checkbox in the Edit form).
  • The results should appear shortly on the staging site. (You may have to force the page to refresh in order to see the updated content)
  • Once you are happy with the updated page, click on Publish Site to deploy.

Notes for documentation review

The documentation at /dev/ is undergoing review and consolidation. This is probably an ongoing process.

There are three main purposes for this documentation:

  • Explanations for committers and contributors, especially for new committers, so that PMCs and Infra can easily refer to online documents to answer the recurring FAQs.

  • Procedures for PMCs. We need to encourage PMCs to do as much as possible to help themselves.

  • Procedures for people trying to assist with Infrastructure operations.

For the committer documentation we should have very specific documents which directly meet their needs. For the other two groups, we could have the top section of each document describing PMC tasks, while the bottom section is for Infra.


The /dev/index.html has been divided into sections and links placed for each separate topic. More topics to come.

Many of these links point to non-existent documents. Gradually we are adding new documents which just link to the scattered information. The next step is to move the content into the relevant docs and enhance it. We need to be careful about broken links, because much procedural information refers to those scattered pieces.