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Historically, the Apache Software Foundation has relied on volunteer effort to manage its administrative tasks. However, as the ASF has grown, the workload required, as well as our reliance on individual volunteers, has increased.

NOTE: This position has been filled

Note: The ASF has already hired an Executive Assistant for this position, and we are not currently looking for more help as of 2015.

The Foundation is now seeking an executive assistant to lighten the burden on individual volunteers, as well as to provide consistent execution of tasks.

Proposals from independent contractors are welcome.

What Is The Apache Software Foundation?


The Apache Software Foundation provides organizational, legal, and financial support for a broad range of open source software projects. The Foundation provides an established framework to manage intellectual property and financial contributions, and to simultaneously limit contributors' potential legal exposure. Through a collaborative and meritocratic development process, projects hosted at the Apache Software Foundation deliver enterprise-grade, freely-available software products that attract large communities of users. The pragmatic Apache License makes it easy for all users, commercial and individual, to deploy Apache products.

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What We Need


We are looking for an individual capable of taking on the tasks of an executive assistant. You must be comfortable working remotely, from home. You must also be competent in typical office- and accounting-software, and demonstrate an ability and willingness to learn to use new software and tools.

As part of a virtual organization, you must be a self-starter, capable of moving forward on day-to-day operations without direct oversight.

You should be comfortable with using email as the primary communication medium, but should also be willing to switch to other modes, from IM/text messages to phone calls, to get necessary information on a deadline.

What We Do Not Need


We are not looking for a manager capable of delegating tasks, but rather someone who recognizes tasks and picks them up.

General Responsibilities


The executive assistant will report to the President of the Apache Software Foundation.

The assistant will be expected to support other officers, including the Treasurer and Secretary. This work will include the following:

This list is indicative of the types of tasks required of the executive assistant, and should not be presumed to be an exhaustive list.

On a technical level, these tasks will require familiarity with Quickbooks, and a willingness to learn how to use SVN to manage files and documents. They will also require the development, maintenance and co-ordination of virtual office resources, and a willingness to provide documentation or training to volunteers who may be required to work with the assistant.

The assistant will further be expected to identify and keep track of the tasks requested, to prioritize them appropriately (seeking guidance from officers where necessary), and to continue to follow-up until they are successfully completed or handed off. This will require the assistant to become familiar with and to document the Foundation calendar, including dates for contract renewals, meetings at various levels, board reporting schedules, and so on.



Your attendance may be requested at a small number of Foundation events annually.

Time Commitment


The position of executive assistant is expected to be part time initially.



Compensation will be based upon experience and time availability.

Length of Contract


The position of executive assistant is a 6 month, renewable, contract. Payment will be monthly.

Contact Information


For more information, contact the President of the ASF, Jim Jagielski, at jim@apache.org