The History Project aims to research and collect information related to:

General History of Apache httpd

  • Before Apache

  • Why Apache

  • Initial Development Team

  • How Apache became one of the most successful OSS projects to date

  • Changes in Development Environment (1

  • Casestudy: Apache Development model (and how it has evolved)

Apache httpd Release timeline

  • Release Date

  • Changelog / Release notes

  • Tarball

  • Usage statistics

  • Other Important Release informaton

  • Version

  • Release Manager

  • Security Fixes

  • New Directives

  • Changed Directives

  • State (Alpha/Beta/GA)

  • Etc.

Apache Software Foundation History

  • How ASF was formed, legal issues. (2 , (3

  • Project Profiles

  • Member Profiles

  • Join Date

  • First List Post

  • Description of work done for project

Subprojects History

  • Convince at least one person from each project to participate and maintain history of that project.

  • Short historical description

  • Usage statistics

  • Same project parts as the httpd history projects

Quote collection from development lists

  • Historical comments

  • Funny comments Footnote 1 - Jim: Also useful, I think, would be a description of how the actual coding environment changed, from people submitting patches and one person being responsible for folding them into the code, the "3 +1s" required for a patch to be included, review-then-commit vs. commit-then-review, etc... Footnote 2 - Mads: [15:37] <quasi> That could actually be very interesting - along with stuff about how the foundation was formed - legal issues and stuff Footnote 3 - Rich: [15:38] <DrBacchus> quasi: Actually, it's one of the most important things, in my mind, as it falls under the "what works, what doesn't work, why Apache is successful" header.

[15:48] <DrBacchus> One of the most important roles that Apache plays, apart from being a damned fine product, is as a model of how OSS projects are supposed to work.

[15:48] <DrBacchus> Folks inside the project often don't see that aspect of things.