This page lists the services available to the ASF. (Services only used by the Infrastructure team, such as internal SQL databases and FreeBSD tinderboxes, are not listed.) DNS is the only authoritative record of which service is on which machine, so please use the service names ("") instead of the machine names ("") when using the services.

As this page will periodically grow stale, a dynamic page of the underlying hosts & services can prove useful. Additionally there is information about the machines themselves.


Web sites

The site-dev mailing list manages the following websites:


Issue tracking

There are currently two issue tracking systems in use at the ASF. Additionally, security vulnerabilities are mailed to

For historical reasons, some projects have their own instances of Jira or Bugzilla. See for a list.

Source repository

Repository to Issuetracker Integrations

Source repository publisher/subscriber services

Shell (SSH) Server

Committers have shell access to

Virtual servers

We offer FreeBSD jails and Ubuntu VMs (no separate link yet).

A few PMCs still have Solaris zones, but those are deprecated (i.e. we don't create any more of those).


Build services / CI

Please see the builds page for details.




DNS is registered with Dotster and handled by colocation and volunteers.

IRC Services

For IRC Services on the Freenode IRC Network, see