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Updating the Apache website

You can help improve website.

If you have changes to propose to the top-level ASF documentation (/foundation/ and most /dev pages), open a GitHub Issue.

For changes to pages in /dev that relate to Infrastructure, send patches using the Infra issues tracker. Do not reveal obviously sensitive information, such as the name of any private mailing lists.

Note: PMC chairs are responsible for ensuring that the portions of the website which relate to their PMC are up to date.


The source code for this website is in the GitHub repository Everyone has read access. All ASF committers have write access, although you should only commit changes to areas you are responsible for.

This website uses Markdown files and supports Github Flavored Markdown (GFM).

To update the documentation

The project name for the ASF website ( on GitHub is www-site.

  1. Navigate to the repository and, within the "content" folder, locate the page you want to edit.
  2. Open the page in edit mode and make your edits. Add a note describing your changes and, if relevant, identifying the Git issue or Jira ticket the changes relate to.
  3. Save the page.

If you have commit permissions, the page updates automatically. Otherwise, the system opens a pull request which someone with commit permissions will review.

These changes will be mirrored worldwide within a few seconds.

How The Homepage Works

The homepage is built from a number of different information sources and tools. index.html combines static content and a shell that pulls in content from /index_page/.

The Featured Projects section is built dynamically, and rotates to show a different set of three Apache projects each time the file is checked in. To correct data in this section, ensure that every Apache project has:

VP, Marketing and Publicity is the formal owner of the homepage, and can be reached at press@.

What information is where

The main website provides overall information about the ASF and some technical information about the systems and tools that Apache projects use to build their independent software products.

Some useful starting points are:

Improvements to /dev documentation

The documentation at /dev/ is the top layer of overall Infrastructure documentation. The next layer,, has information committers and PMCs may need to get the best use out of Apache's infrastructure. The third layer, the infrastructure wiki, holds lists, detailed scripts, and instructions mainly of use to the Infra team.

There are three main purposes for this documentation:

  1. A general introduction to Infra, quick-reference information such as which channel to use to ask a particular question, and explanations for committers and contributors, so they can get the information they need to carry out standard tasks related to Apache projects without calling on Infra assistance.
  2. Resources for PMCs. We encourage PMCs to do as much as possible to help themselves without invoking Infra.
  3. Resources for Infra staff and volunteers.