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Apache Mirroring Resources

This page describes the requirements and an ideal strategy for mirroring Apache Software Foundation releases. More information can be obtained from the users@infra.apache.org mailing list.

Any project willing to use the ASF infrastructure to distribute source, binary and documentation builds must adhere to the following guidelines.

These guidelines have been developed so that a consistent way to mirror our distributions can be achieved, therefore lowering the impact of the enormous amount of bandwidth consumed by our downloads.


Location of files on main server

Software distributions should not be kept on the project's website. Instead, they should be moved to the appropriate central site. There are three types of software distributions with three different locations:

Current public releases: http://www.apache.org/dist/
Current, official releases that have been approved by the PMC and are targetted at end-users should be placed on www.apache.org. This is the main public release site and the site that is mirrored world-wide.
Old releases: http://archive.apache.org/dist/
Older releases that you would no longer recommend to the general public should be placed on archive.apache.org. This site automatically contains all the content of www.apache.org/dist/, but nothing is ever deleted. Therefore it should rarely be necessary to touch this site, except during a reorganization. Once a release is no longer recommended to the public, simply delete it from www.apache.org/dist/, and it will remain on archive.apache.org/dist/.

How can my project use mirrors?

See here


If you have any questions or comments, please email the users@infra.apache.org mailing list.