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Targeted Sponsorship Policy

What is a Targeted Sponsor?

Targeted sponsors support the foundation by helping specific parts of the foundation. For example, targeted sponsors today donate cloud services, fund project hackathons, and provide committer resources. It’s our way of encouraging and recognizing the sponsors that we rely on everyday outside of and often in addition to funding our general operations.

Who Can Be a Targeted Sponsor?

The policy available as “Who Can Sponsor The ASF” also applies to targeted sponsors as will the same sponsor agreement template and intake process.

Changes to Thanks Page

The main ASF Sponsor Thanks Page is now split into two sections, “Normal”, non-targeted Sponsors and “Targeted” Sponsors.

The previous Infrastructure sponsorship section on the Thanks page was removed and carefully audited with Infra to integrate Infrastructure sponsors as simply one type of targeted sponsorship.

More Details

Committees and projects can choose to set up a project thanks area of their TLP site that also recognizes the sponsor in sync with the foundation page as noted at the Apache® Project Corporate Recognition Best Practices. Any additional recognition on committee or project page(s) must be approved by VP Fundraising and VP Brand Management.

Sponsors & Targeted Sponsors can provide cash and/or in-kind services. In some cases, a mixture of the two may be approved at the discretion of the VP Fundraising especially in cases where the ASF’s Infrastructure team or a specific Apache PMC has a need of the services.

"Normal" Sponsors provide sponsorship that are used to support the entire operation of the foundation. Targeted Sponsors provide support for a specific pre-agreed upon goal.


A Non-Targeted Sponsor donates $100 to a NPO charity baseball team. The team can spend the $100 to buy whatever they want with it.

A Targeted Sponsor is contacted and asked how they can help, the team says “we need bats”. VP Fundraising approves the batty request, Targeted Sponsor donates $100 to the same team with a target to use it to buy bats. $15 of the donation goes to general operations to handle accounting/bat counts/bat polish/bat storage/bat caves/etc., $85 goes to buy new bats and everyone is happy.

The goal of this policy is to allow the foundation and project committees more flexibility to work with sponsors to deliver additional services and improve our community.

The value of in-kind services for the purpose of determining the sponsorship level, Targeted or otherwise, shall be determined by the VP Fundraising with input from the fundraising committee. It is intended that it be valued at 100% of the fair market value of the in-kind service. Please note, the foundation will only accept in-kind services that are needed with a concrete purpose identified prior to the sponsorship. This document supersedes all previous methods of calculating value.

Targeted Sponsors will be split into the same levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum) with the same benefits as non-targeted sponsors.

The Targeted sponsor level will be based on the closest match monetarily to the normal sponsor amounts and may be subject to the discretion of the VP Fundraising.

A single sponsor can be both a Sponsor and a Targeted Sponsor as well as multiple levels of Targeted Sponsors in some cases. For example, Microsoft is a platinum sponsor and could be listed as a bronze targeted sponsor for Azure and a platinum targeted sponsor for Visual Studio donations.

Targeted Sponsors can provide services or cash to fulfill needs as identified by the foundation, project or committees that are approved by the VP Fundraising and in meeting the Apache Way.

Targeted Sponsors, the VP Fundraising and the specific committee in question (project PMC, Legal, Infrastructure, Travel Assistance, Conferences, etc.) to identify the goal for the services or funds prior to accepting the donation.

All donations will be tax-deductible to the extent permissible by law.

All targeted sponsorships must be pre-approved by the VP Fundraising and coordinated with the fundraising committee with the sole exception that Infrastructure shall continue to work to also handle sponsors on their own with all communication communicated to the fundraising or fundraising-private mailing lists either through cc, minutes or contemporaneous notes.

The ASF does not allow endorsements, official quotes, blogs, press releases, and similar public statements regarding sponsorship in any manner except as specified as official benefits of the sponsorship program. Existing blogs and endorsements are hereby grandfathered as of August 2018. All statements for sponsorship shall continue to be vetted and approved by VP Press & Media before publication.

Targeted sponsorships with cash grants will be limited to 12 months. All funds should be intended for complete use within this period. Any remaining funds at end of 12 months MAY revert to use for ASF general operations at the ASF’s sole discretion.

All Targeted sponsorships must be consistent with with the Apache Way as well as the ASF Policies and Practices. In the absence of clear policies, the approval of the VP Fundraising will be required.

Any proposals must be consistent with and not jeopardize the ASF 501(c)(3) IRS determination status.

Targeted cash-based sponsorships are not refundable even if a Project leaves the ASF, retires, or fails to use funds.

A minimum of 15% of targeted, cash-based sponsorships will be used to provide general ASF services to support the agreed targeted sponsorship goal. If there is an additional demand on ASF services, this may be higher at the ASF’s sole discretion.

It is the responsibility of the VP Fundraising, President and any applicable Committees to work together to ensure there is clarity about what is and is not possible for sponsors and seeking Board guidance as deemed necessary.

Examples of Targeted Sponsorships that can be Requested and Approved

Examples of Targeted Sponsorships that are Possible

These are examples that have been discussed and have merit to be discussed further. See the section below on discussion for these items:

Examples of Targeted Sponsorships that are Highly Unlikely

Key Differences from 2015 targeted sponsorship proposal

The original idea was proposed by Ross Gardler at Board Meeting Minutes, January 21, 2015: