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These instructions are currently experimental ; not for production.

If you are using version 2.2 or greater of the Apache HTTP Server for your mirror, you can try to mirror using a cached reverse proxy in place of rsync. This configuration minimizes resource usage both for you and for our servers and also assures that our users can immediately access new files.

Before using this configuration, please assure that your server includes the modules mod_cache and mod_disk_cache. Then the following directives should be added to httpd.conf either in the main server context or inside a <VirtualHost> :

CacheRoot /usr/local/apache2/var/apachecache
CacheEnable disk /apache
ProxyPass /apache
ProxyPassReverse /apache

The directory /usr/local/apache2/var/apachecache can be replaced with any directory that is writable by the User/Group specified in httpd.conf. The path /apache can be changed as needed for your site. In this configuration, the site will be accessed as You may even replace this with / if you run your mirror on its own virtual host.

To control disk space usage on your mirror, you should run htcacheclean from cron. Please allow at least 5120MB.

Once this is configured and tested, please notify us using the instructions on the How to mirror page.