The Apache Security Team

The Apache Security Team exists to provide help and advice to Apache projects on security issues and to provide co-ordination of the handling of security vulnerabilities. All members of the Security Team are also members of the Apache Software Foundation.

Reporting a vulnerability

We strongly encourage folks to report security vulnerabilities to one of our private security mailing lists first, before disclosing them in a public forum.

A list of security contacts for Apache projects is available. If you can't find a project specific security e-mail address and you have an undisclosed security vulnerability to report then please use the general security address below.

Please note that the security mailing lists should only be used for reporting undisclosed security vulnerabilities in Apache products and managing the process of fixing such vulnerabilities. We cannot accept regular bug reports or other security related queries at these addresses. All mail sent to these addresses that does not relate to an undisclosed security problem in an Apache product will be ignored.

Also note that the security team handles vulnerabilities in Apache products, not running ASF services. All reports of vulnerabilities in running ASF services should be sent to only.

The general security mailing list address is: This is a private mailing list and only members of the Apache Security Team are subscribed.

Please note that we do not use a team OpenPGP key. If you wish to encrypt your e-mail to then please use the OpenPGP keys of the following subset of members of the Apache Security Team and be aware that it may take us a little longer to respond to the issue. Note that this is not a complete list of Apache Security Team members and that you should not contact these members individually about security issues.

  • Mark Cox - 7B 79 19 FA 71 6B 87 25 0E 77 21 E5 52 D9 83 BF -

  • Lars Eilebrecht - 7B 8A E3 E0 8C 63 04 57 77 72 39 E6 5A 7E 51 FC -

  • Ben Laurie - 7656 55DE 62E3 96FF 2587 EB6C 4F6D E156 2118 CF83 -

  • Bill Rowe - B1B9 6F45 DFBD CCF9 7401 9235 193F 180A B55D 9977 -

  • Mark Thomas - A9C5 DF4D 22E9 9998 D987 5A51 10C0 1C5A 2F60 59E7 -

The keys for all of the above can also be obtained in a single file from The Apache Software Foundation.

Vulnerability Information

Information on the published vulnerabilities for an Apache project can usually be found on the project's web pages. For convenience a list of security information pages for Apache projects is available. If you can't find the information you are looking for on the project's web site, you should ask your question on the project's user mailing list. The security lists should not be used to ask questions about :

  • how to configure the product securely;

  • if a published vulnerability applies to the version of the Apache product you are using;

  • if a published vulnerability applies to the configuration of the Apache product you are using;

  • obtaining further information on a published vulnerability;

  • the availability of patches and/or new releases to address a published vulnerability.

The relevant project's users list is the place to ask such questions. Any such questions sent to the Apache Security Team or to a project security team will be ignored.

Vulnerability handling

An overview of the vulnerability handling process is:

  • The reporter reports the vulnerability privately to Apache.

  • The appropriate project's security team works privately with the reporter to resolve the vulnerability.

  • A new release of the Apache product concerned is made that includes the fix.

  • The vulnerability is publically announced.

A more detailed description of the process has been written for committers. Reporters of security vulnerabilities may also find it useful.