How to get your project's logo(s) on this list:

Commit your original logo (svg, eps, ai, pdf accepted) to this location, and call it $project.$ext, for instance couchdb.svg.

If you have multiple versions to display (for instance a vertical and horizontal version), you can call them $project-1.ext, $project-2.ext and so on, and the site will pick up on that.
The first logo, lexicographically, will be picked as the default, and also used for our montages and powered-by collections. Thus, if you have only one, let's say httpd.svg, that will be used as default. If you have httpd-1.svg, httpd-2.svg and httpd-3.svg, then httpd-1.svg will be used as default. If you need another version to be the Powered-By default, add a copy and call it $project-pb.ext, for instance tomcat-pb.svg, and the autogenerator will use that file instead.

You can also send your logo or a query to if you need further assistance. This site is automatically regenerated every hour.

The code for this site is located at