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Membership in The Apache Software Foundation is a privilege and is by invitation only. Existing members propose and vote on candidates for membership. Since the Foundation is a meritocracy, meaning that contributions and skills are the factors used to judge worthiness, we expect candidates to have proven themselves by contributing to one or more of the Foundation's projects.

The details of the process by which someone may become a member of The Apache Software Foundation are in Section 4.1 of the Foundation's bylaws. A more general description of how the ASF is governed is available.

Members may choose to move to emeritus status by sending an email to, attaching a signed copy of the emeritus request. They can subsequently submit a new membership application at any time, by notifying This will result in their being added to the next new member election.

The following tables show current and emeritus members who have manually added themselves to it - this is not the complete list of members, see the links below for that.

If you are a member and want to be included (this is optional), you can update the source file yourself. If you have a GitHub account that is linked to your ASF account, you can edit this page directly in the browser, by using the Edit this file pencil icon.

You may Commit directly to the main branch, or, if you feel more comfortable with it, select Create a new branch for this commit and start a pull request and have someone else merge these changes for you.

Or it can be updated in the ASF GitBox repo; this does not require a GitHub account.

A list of all committers (including members) and their projects/SVN trees is also available.

Members of The Apache Software Foundation

N.B. the listing below is optional, and is not a complete listing. There is a complete summary of the member LDAP group

Id Name Projects
aadamchik Andrei Adamchik
aajisaka Akira Ajisaka Hadoop, Yetus
aaron Aaron Bannert httpd , APR , PHP , commons , incubator , flood , infrastructure
ab Andrzej Bialecki
abaker Anthony Baker Geode
abayer Andrew Bayer Whirr, Bigtop, jclouds
abti Abhishek Tiwari Gobblin
adc Alan D. Cabrera
adelbene Andrea Del Bene Wicket
adityasharma Aditya Sharma OFBiz, Roller, ComDev
adrianocrestani Adriano Crestani Campos
aestrada Adam Estrada SIS
afuchs Adam Fuchs Accumulo
aheritier Arnaud Héritier Maven, Archiva
akarasulu Alex Karasulu directory ; excalibur ; jakarta
akm Andrew Musselman Mahout
alfonsonishikawa Alfonso Nishikawa Muñumer Gora
amaniatis Aristedes Maniatis Cayenne
amareshwari Amareshwari Sriramadasu Hadoop , Falcon, Hive, Lens
andreww Andrew Wetmore Royale, Infra
andywenk Andy Wenk CouchDB, PMC
angela Angela Schreiber Jackrabbit
anshum Anshum Gupta Lucene, Solr
antelder Ant Elder
antonio Antonio Gallardo Rivera Cocoon , Forrest , Lenya
arkurth Andy Kurth VCL
arp Arpit Agarwal
arreyder Christopher R. Rhodes
arvind Arvind Prabhakar Sqoop ; Flume
asankha Asankha Perera HttpComponents
asifdxtreme Mohammad Asif Siddiqui Incubator, Nuttx, Servicecomb
aslom Alek Slominski
ate Ate Douma Airavata, AsterixDB, Commons, Incubator, NetBeans, Portals, Streams, Wicket
awm Aram W. Mirzadeh httpd
ay Akitoshi Yoshida
ayushsaxena Ayush Saxena Hadoop, Hive, Ozone
azeez Mohamed Afkham Azeez
bayard Henri Yandell
bdelacretaz Bertrand Delacrétaz Cocoon , FOP
ben Ben Laurie httpd ; ApacheCon
bigosmallm OmPrakash Muppirala Flex, Royale
billcole William K. (Bill) Cole SpamAssassin
billie Billie Rinaldi Accumulo
bjh Brian Havard httpd , APR
blair Blair Zajac
blautenb Berin Lautenbach XML ; incubator
bnicholes Bradley Nicholes httpd ; APR
bob Bob Paulin Felix , Tika
bobby Robert (Bobby) Evans Storm , Hadoop , Spark , Tez
bodewig Stefan Bodewig Ant , Gump , Jakarta
bommel Bernd Bohmann MyFaces
brane Branko Čibej
breser Ben Reser Subversion ; httpd
brett Brett Porter Maven ; Archiva ; Continuum ; Incubator ; board
brianb Brian Behlendorf
brianf Brian Fox
briang Brian Geffon
brianleroux Brian LeRoux
brianm Brian McCallister
bsnyder Bruce Snyder ActiveMQ ; Geronimo ; Incubator ; ServiceMix
busbey Sean Busbey
buschmi Michael Busch
caijunj Jun Jie Cai
carlos Carlos Sanchez Maven ; Archiva ; Continuum
cdouglas Chris Douglas
cdutz Christofer Dutz ComDev, Daffodil, Flex, Incubator, Infrastructure, IoTDB, Kibble, Mahout, PLC4X, Royale, StreamPipes (incubating), Training (incubating), Wayang (incubating)
centic Dominik Stadler POI
cezar Cezar Cristian Andrei XMLBeans , VXQuery
chenpei Pei Chen cTAKES
chipchilders Chip Childers CloudStack
chrisg Christian Geisert XML Graphics , FOP
christ Chris Thistlethwaite Infrastructure , Warble (incubating)
chtompki Rob Tompkins Commons
claude Claude N. Warren, Jr. Jena
clr Craig L Russell JDO ; Incubator ; OpenJPA
cmccabe Colin P. McCabe
cmpilato C. Michael Pilato
cnauroth Chris Nauroth Hadoop , ZooKeeper
coar Ken Coar ApacheCon , APR , board , commons , fund-raising , httpd , httpd-docs , incubator , PHP
coheigea Colm Ó hÉigeartaigh
colm Colm MacCárthaigh
conor Conor MacNeill Ant ; Jakarta
cos Konstantin Boudnik Bigtop , Groovy , Celix , Hadoop , Ignite , Incubator , Geode
covener Eric Covener
craigmcc Craig R. McClanahan Jakarta
crossley David Crossley Cocoon , Forrest , xml-commons
ctubbsii Christopher Tubbs Accumulo , Fluo
curcuru Shane Curcuru xalan , xml-commons
cutting Doug Cutting
cziegeler Carsten Ziegeler Sling, Felix, Portals
dahn Daan Hoogland CloudStack
dain Dain Sundstrom
danese Danese Cooper
danhaywood Dan Haywood Causeway
danielsh Daniel Shahaf Subversion, Infrastructure
danny Danny Angus James , Jakarta, Labs
dashorst Martijn Dashorst
davisp Paul Joseph Davis
davor Davor Bonaci Beam
dblevins David Blevins
deepal Deepal Jayasinghe
dennisl Dennis Lundberg
dgrove Dave Grove OpenWhisk
dims Davanum Srinivas
dirkx Dirk-Willem van Gulik httpd , XML
djencks David Jencks
djkevincr Kevin Ratnasekera Gora, Incubator
dkulp J. Daniel Kulp CXF ; Maven ; ServiceMix
dmeikle David Meikle Tika
dongjoon Dongjoon Hyun Spark, ORC
dpsenner Dominik Psenner Logging
drew Andrew L. (Drew) Farris accumulo, mahout
dsmiley David Smiley lucene, solr
dweiss Dawid Weiss Lucene, Mahout , Solr
ebourg Emmanuel Bourg
echauchot Etienne Chauchot Beam
ehatcher Erik Hatcher Ant , jakarta-lucene , jakarta-lucene-sandbox
elecharny Emmanuel Lécharny Directory ; Mina
elserj Josh Elser Accumulo, Calcite, Incubator, Phoenix
eolivelli Enrico Olivelli BookKeeper, ZooKeeper, Curator, Maven
enis Enis Söztutar
epugh Eric Pugh
evansye Evans Ye Bigtop, Ignite
fanningpj PJ Fanning POI, Drill, Linkis, Incubator, Pekko
farra J. Aaron Farr
ffang Freeman Yue Fang Cxf ; Servicemix ; Karaf ; Camel ; Felix
fhanik Filip Hanik
fielding Roy T. Fielding httpd , APR , board , fund-raising , incubator
fokko Fokko Driesprong Airflow; Avro; Parquet; Druid
fpapon François Papon Geronimo, Hop, Karaf, Shiro, Unomi
fpj Flavio Junqueira ZooKeeper; BookKeeper; Incubator
gareth Gareth Reakes
gates Alan Gates
gawor Jarek Gawor
gdaniels Glen Daniels Axis
geirm Geir Magnusson Jr. Jakarta
geoff Geoffrey Young mod_perl ; httpd-test ; httpd
geomacy Geoff Macartney Brooklyn
gerdogdu Gurkan Erdogdu OpenWebBeans
gertv Gert Vanthienen
ggregory Gary Gregory
gianugo Gianugo Rabellino Cocoon ; Xindice
gk Georg Kallidis Turbine
gmcdonald Gavin McDonald
gnodet Guillaume Nodet ActiveMQ ; Geronimo ; Ode ; ServiceMix
gozer Philippe M. Chiasson mod_perl , modperl-docs
gpetracek Gerhard Petracek
grobmeier Christian Grobmeier
grossws Konstantin Gribov Tika
gstein Greg Stein httpd ; APR ; incubator ; board
gtrasuk Greg Trasuk
hadrian Hadrian Zbarcea
harbs Gabe Harbater Flex
hboutemy Hervé Boutemy Maven, ComDev, Attic
henning Henning P. Schmiedehausen
hexiaoqiao He Xiaoqiao Hadoop
hgomez Henri Gomez **
hitesh Hitesh Shah Hadoop ; Tez ; Ambari
hogstrom Matt Hogstrom
hossman Chris Hostetter Lucene : Java , Solr
hsaputra Henry Saputra Incubator ; Flink ; Twill
hughesj Jeremy Hughes
humbedooh Daniel Gruno httpd, Traffic Server, Kibble, STeVe, Pony Mail
huxing Huxing Zhang Tomcat, Dubbo
hxd Xiangdong Huang IoTDB
hyunsik Hyunsik Choi Tajo
ieb Ian Boston Sling, Shindig
iemejia Ismaël Mejía Beam
ilgrosso Francesco Chicchiriccò Cocoon , CXF, Olingo, OpenJPA, Syncope
isabel Isabel Drost
isudana Isuru Udana Synapse
ivan Ivan Zhakov Subversion ; Serf ; APR
iwasakims Masatake Iwasaki Hadoop, Bigtop
jacopoc Jacopo Cappellato OFBiz
jan Jan Lehnardt CouchDB
jani Jan Iversen
jbellis Jonathan Ellis
jbonofre Jean-Baptiste Onofré ActiveMQ, Archiva, Aries, Bahir, Beam, Brooklyn, BRPC, Camel, CarbonData, EventMesh, Felix, Geronimo, Gobblin, Guacamole, Incubator, InLong, jClouds, Karaf, Liminal, Livy, Nemo, Seatunnel, Sedona, ServiceComb, ServiceMix, Shiro, Streampipes, Syncope, Tuweni, Unomi, Wayang
jcamacho Jesús Camacho Rodríguez
jcorvel Johan Corveleyn Subversion
jeagles Jonathan Eagles Hadoop ; Tez
jerenkrantz Justin Erenkrantz httpd , APR , commons , prc , infrastructure
jerrytan Jerry Tan (Tanzhongyi) brpc
jesus Theo Schlossnagle
jfarrell Jake Farrell Thrift
jfclere Jean-Frederic Clere
jgenender Jeff Genender
jhm Jan Materne Ant
jhyde Julian Hyde Arrow, Calcite, Drill, Kylin
jim Jim Jagielski lots
jlaskowski Jacek Laskowski
jleroux Jacques Le Roux OFBiz, Incubator
jlk John Kinsella CloudStack
jlowe Jason Lowe Hadoop , Tez
jmclean Justin Mclean Flex ; Incubator
joehni Jörg Schaible
joern Jörn Kottmann UIMA ; OpenNLP
joewitt Joe Witt NiFi
jogep Johannes Geppert Struts
jon Jon Scott Stevens Ant ; ECS ; ORO ; Regexp ; Tomcat ; Velocity ; James ; Jetspeed ; JServ ; Jyve ; Turbine
jonesde David E. Jones
jorton Joe Orton APR ; httpd
jplevyak John Bradley Plevyak
jrthomerson Jeremy Thomerson
jsdelfino Jean-Sebastien Delfino Tuscany , Nuvem
julianfoad Julian Foad
julien Julien Le Dem Parquet , Arrow, Pig, Tez
juzhiyuan Zhiyuan Ju APISIX
jvanzyl Jason van Zyl
jzemerick Jeff Zemerick
kamaci Furkan KAMACI Gora, Nutch, ManifoldCF
kanchana Kanchana Pradeepika Welagedara
karanjeet Karanjeet Singh Nutch, DRAT
ke4qqq David Nalley CloudStack, jclouds, Incubator, Infrastructure
keith Keith Wannamaker
kelly Sean Kelly OODT
kenn Kenneth Knowles Beam, Incubator, Datasketches (incubating), Training (incubating)
kess Astrid Malo httpd ; httpd-docs
kevan Kevan Miller
kezhenxu94 Zhenxu Ke SkyWalking
kfogel Karl Fogel
khmarbaise Karl Heinz Marbaise Maven Creadur
kihwal Kihwal Lee Hadoop
kinow Bruno P. Kinoshita Commons, Jena, OpenNLP, SIS
kiwiwings Andreas Beeker POI
kkolinko Konstantin Kolinko Tomcat, Gump
kkrugler Kenneth William Krugler
kmenard Kevin Joseph Menard, Jr.
koji Koji Sekiguchi Lucene , Solr , OpenNLP
ksobkowiak Krzysztof Sobkowiak ServiceMix
kwin Konrad Windszus Sling , Jackrabbit
lars Lars Eilebrecht httpd , httpd-docs , ApacheCon , fund-raising
larsfrancke Lars Francke HBase, Hive, ORC
larsgeorge Lars George HBase
larsh Lars Hofhansl HBase , Incubator , Phoenix
leerho Lee Rhodes DataSketches
lehmi Andreas Lehmkühler PDFBox
lektran Scott Gray OFBiz
lewismc Lewis John McGibbney Nutch, Gora, Any23, Tika, OODT, Open Climate Workbench, Usergrid, Joshua
lgo Lieven Govaerts
lhotari Lari Hotari Pulsar
liuxun Xun Liu Incubator , Hadoop , Zeppelin
lresende Luciano Resende
luc Luc Maisonobe commons
luke1410 Stefan Hett Subversion ; APR
lukehan Luke Han Kylin
madhawa Madhawa Gunasekara Gora, Incubator
mads Mads Toftum httpd-docs
manoj Manoj Kasichainula httpd
marcelk Marcel Kinard Cordova
marcus Marcus Lange OpenOffice
markt Mark Thomas
marrs Marcel Offermans ACE ; Felix
mattsicker Matt Sicker Logging
matzew Matthias Wessendorf
mbenson Matt Benson
mbrohl Michael Brohl OFBiz
mck Mick Semb Wever Cassandra, SkyWalking, Incubator, Tiles
mdedetrich Matthew de Detrich Pekko
mduerig Michael Dürig Jackrabbit, Chemistry, Sling
mfranklin Matt Franklin Rave, Incubator
mgrigorov Martin Tzvetanov Grigorov Avro, Isis, Tomcat, Wicket
michi Michael Wechner Lenya ; Cocoon
mikemccand Michael McCandless
milamber Bruno Demion JMeter , CloudStack
milinda Milinda Pathirage Axis ; ODE ; Airavata
minfrin Graham Leggett httpd apr
mjc Mark Cox httpd
mkienenb Mike Kienenberger Cayenne ; MyFaces
mnour Mohammad Nour El-Din
mreutegg Marcel Reutegger
mrglavas Michael Glavassevich Xerces-J , XML Commons
mseidel Matthias Seidel OpenOffice
mturk Mladen Turk
mvdb Martin van den Bemt Jakarta , Db DDLUtils , Gump
myrle Myrle Krantz Fineract
nacx Ignasi Barrera jclouds
nandika Korale Gamaralalage Nandika Chandrasiri Jayawardana
nash Simon Nash
nbubna Nathan Bubna
nd André L. Malo httpd ; httpd-docs
ndbeyer Nathan Beyer
neilg Neil Graham
ngn Niklas Gustavsson MINA
niallp Niall Pemberton Jakarta ; Struts
nick Nick Burch
niclas Niclas Hedhman
ningjiang Willem Ning Jiang activemq;camel;cxf; doris; iotdb; rocketmq; servicecomb; servicemix; shardingsphere; skywalking; weex; zipkin
niq Nick Kew APR ; httpd
noel Noel J. Bergman ApacheCon , incubator , infrastructure , James
norman Norman Maurer
nslater Naomi Slater CouchDB, ComDev, Incubator, CloudStack, Stratos, MetaModel
oching Maria Odea B. Ching
oflebbe Olaf Flebbe Bigtop
oheger Oliver Heger
olamy Olivier Lamy Maven ; Continuum
olegk Oleg Kalnichevski
omalley Owen O'Malley
orlikowski Victor J. Orlikowski httpd ; APR ; BSF
ovilia Zhang Wenli ECharts
painter Jeffery Painter Turbine ; Torque
paulk Paul King Groovy, incubator
pauls Karl Pauls
perrin Perrin Harkins mod_perl
pescetti Andrea Pescetti OpenOffice
pgollucci Philip M. Gollucci mod_perl , httpd-apreq ,httpd-test, apr, infrastructure
phunt Patrick D. Hunt
piergiorgio Piergiorgio Lucidi ManifoldCF , ComDev
pietsch Joerg Pietschmann
pono Daniel Pono Takamori infrastructure
pottlinger Philipp Ottlinger Creadur
pquerna Paul Querna
proyal Peter Royal
priyasharma Priya Sharma OFBiz ; ComDev
psteitz Phil Steitz Jakarta ; Directory
ptgoetz P. Taylor Goetz Storm
purplecabbage Jesse MacFadyen Cordova
panjuan Trista Pan ShardingSphere ; Incubator
quetwo Nick Kwiatkowski
rahul Rahul Akolkar
randgalt Jordan Zimmerman Curator
raphael Raphaël Luta
rbowen Rich Bowen httpd , httpd-docs , ApacheCon
rec Richard Eckart de Castilho UIMA
reinhard Reinhard Poetz
remm Remy Maucherat Jakarta
reschke Julian Reschke
rfrovarp Richard Frovarp
rgielen René Gielen Struts
rgoers Ralph Goers Cocoon , Commons , Logging , Maven , Portals
rhillegas Rick Hillegas Derby
rhuijben Bert Huijben Subversion
richard Richard Downer Brooklyn
rickhall Richard Hall
rjung Rainer Jung httpd , APR , Tomcat
rlenferink Roy Lenferink Celix, ComDev
rnewson Robert Newson CouchDB
rohini Rohini Palaniswamy Pig, Tez, Oozie
rony Rony G. Flatscher Jakarta
rotty3000 Raymond Augé Aries ; Felix ; Geronimo; Tomcat
rpluem Rüdiger Plüm
rskraba Ryan Skraba Avro, Training (incubating)
rubys Sam Ruby Ant ; Jakarta ; PHP ; XML
rvesse Rob Vesse Jena, Incubator
rvs Roman Shaposhnik Bigtop, Celix, ComDev, Geode, Giraph, Groovy, Hadoop, Ignite, Incubator, Zest
rzo1 Richard Zowalla
rxin Reynold Xin Spark
sanders Scott Sanders Jakarta ; commons ; Gump ; colo-keys
sarowe Steve Rowe Lucene : Java ; Solr
sascha Sascha Schumann PHP ; httpd ; APR
schor Marshall Schor UIMA
schultz Christopher Schultz Tomcat, Velocity
sctemme Sander Temme httpd ; Gump ; Labs ; Infrastructure
sdeboy Scott Deboy
seade Scott Eade DB , Jakarta , Turbine
sgala Santiago Gala Jakarta , ws-wsrp4j
sgoeschl Siegfried Goeschl
shankar Selvaratnam Uthaiyashankar Axis ; Stonehenge ; Web Services
sharan Sharan Foga OFBiz
shazron Shazron Abdullah Cordova
wusheng Sheng Wu SkyWalking
shv Konstantin V. Shvachko Hadoop
sidney Sidney Markowitz SpamAssassin
simoneg Simone Gianni
simonetripodi Simone Tripodi
simonw Simon Willnauer
sk Sally Khudairi
slaws Simon Laws
smarru Suresh Marru Airavata ; Rave ; Incubator
smarthi Suneel Marthi Mahout
smckinney Shawn McKinney Fortress
snoopdave Dave Johnson
solomax Maxim Solodovnik OpenMeetings, Flex
sorber Phil Sorber Traffic Server
sriksun Srikanth Sundarrajan falcon, [lens] (
srowen Sean Owen Spark, Mahout
sseifert Stefan Seifert Sling, Felix
stack Michael Stack
stain Stian Soiland-Reyes Taverna ; Commons ; Incubator
stevehay Steve Hay mod_perl , httpd-apreq
stevel Steve Loughran Ant ; Axis
stevenn Steven Noels Cocoon ; Forrest
striker Sander Striker APR ; commons ; httpd ; incubator ; infrastructure
struberg Mark Struberg
sunilg Sunil Govindan Hadoop, Submarine, YuniKorn, Sedona
supun Supun Kamburugamuva
svogel Sven Vogel CloudStack
sylvain Sylvain Wallez Cocoon ; Avalon
szetszwo Tsz-Wo Nicholas Sze Ratis ; Ozone ; Hadoop
taher Taher Alkhateeb OFBiz
talat Talat Uyarer Nutch ; Gora
tallison Tim Allison PDFBox ; POI ; Tika
tcurdt Torsten Curdt Cocoon, Commons, Jakarta
tdunning Ted Dunning
tellison Tim Ellison
tgraves Thomas Graves
thiagohp Thiago H. de Paula Figueiredo Tapestry
thilina Thilina Gunarathne Airavata ; Axis ; WS
thorsten Thorsten Scherler
tilmannz Tilmann Zäschke
tison Zili Chen Flink, Curator
todd Todd Lipcon
tomaz Tomaz Muraus Libcloud
tomc Tom Chiverton Flex , CouchDB
tomj Tom Jordahl Axis
tommaso Tommaso Teofili
tpalsulich Tyler Palsulich
trawick Jeff Trawick httpd ; APR
tripod Tobias Bocanegra Jackrabbit
tv Thomas Vandahl Turbine ; DB-Torque ; Jakarta ; Excalibur
twilliams Tim Williams
uli Ulrich Stärk
umamahesh Uma Maheswara Rao G Hadoop; BookKeeper
upayavira Upayavira Lucene ; Cocoon ; infrastructure
uschindler Uwe Schindler Lucene , POI
vanto Tammo van Lessen ODE
veithen Andreas Veithen
venkatesh Venkatesh Seetharam
vgritsenko Vadim Gritsenko Cocoon , Regexp , Xindice
vinodkv Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli Hadoop ; Ambari; TEZ
vy Volkan Yazıcı Logging
wave Dave Fisher POI, Incubator, OpenOffice, Petri, and others
weber Volker Weber MyFaces
weimer Markus Weimer REEF
wenming Ming Wen APISIX
wilfreds Wilfred Spiegelenburg Hadoop, YuniKorn
woonsan Woonsan Ko Portals , Commons , FreeMarker
wrowe William A. Rowe, Jr. httpd ; APR ; httpd-docs
wsanchez Wilfredo Sánchez httpd ; APR
wsmoak Wendy Smoak Struts ; MyFaces ; Shale
wwei Weiwei Yang Hadoop, Ozone, YuniKorn
xinwang Xin Wang Storm , RocketMQ , IoTDB , StreamPipes , Incubator
xuefu Xuefu Zhang Hive ; Pig
yegor Yegor Kozlov
ylavic Yann Ylavic httpd ; APR
yonik Yonik Seeley Lucene : Java ; Solr
zabetak Stamatis Zampetakis Calcite, Hive
zwoop Leif Hedstrom trafficserver, trafficcontrol, incubator

Emeritus Members of The Apache Software Foundation

Id Name
? Andrew Wilson
? Rob Hartill
? Shane Caraveo
acmurthy Arun Murthy
acoliver Andrew C. Oliver
agrieve Andrew Grieve
ajack Adam Jack
ajith Ajith H Ranabahu
akosut Alexei Kosut
amilas Amila Suriarachchi
andi Andi Gutmans
andreas Andreas Hartmann
andrei Andrei Zmievski
andyc Andy Clark
antoine Antoine Levy-Lambert
arje Arjé Cahn
asanso Antonio Sanso
asavory Andrew Savory
ask Ask Bjørn Hansen
assaf Assaf Arkin
balld Donald Ball
bdube Brian M. Dubé
berndf Bernd Fondermann
bhyde Ben Hyde
billbarker William Barker
bimargulies Benson Margulies
bloritsch Berin Loritsch
boisvert Alex Boisvert
bojan Bojan Smojver
brianp Brian Pane
britter Benedikt Ritter
bruno Bruno Dumon
bryanduxbury Bryan Duxbury
carlosrovira Carlos Rovira
carnold Curt Arnold
cbegin Clinton Begin
cctrieloff Carl Trieloff
ccustine Chris Custine
ceki Ceki Gülcü
chinthaka Eran Chinthaka
chirino Hiram Chirino
cholet Eric Cholet
chuck Chuck Murcko
cliff Cliff Skolnick
cliffs Cliff Schmidt
cmueller Christian Müller
costin Doru Costin Manolache
crichton Dan Crichton
damien Damien F. Katz
damitha Damitha N.M. Kumarage
damonc Damon J. Courtney
danielf Daniel Fagerstrom
davidw David N. Welton
dbertoni David Bertoni
dch Dave Cottlehuber
dgaudet Dean Gaudet
djd Daniel Debrunner
dlr Daniel L. Rall
dos Daryl C. W. O'Shea
dougm Doug MacEachern
dreid David Reid
drtr David Robinson
duncan James Duncan Davidson
dwoods Donald Woods
ed Ed Korthof
edwardyoon Edward J. Yoon
ekoneil Eddie O'Neil
erikabele Erik Abele
evenisse Emmanuel Venisse
fanf Tony Finch
fchrist Fabian Christ
fede Federico Barbieri
felicity Theo Van Dinter
fitz Brian W. Fitzpatrick
fmeschbe Felix Meschberger
fmui Florian Müller
francisdb Francis De Brabandere
fuankg Guenter Knauf
gbrown Gregory K. Brown
ghudson Greg Hudson
giacomo Giacomo Pati
gkossakowski Grzegorz Kossakowski
glasser David Samuel Glasser
glenn Glenn L. Nielsen
glens Glen Stampoultzis
grahamd Graham Dumpleton
gregames Greg Ames
gregor Gregor J. Rothfuss
grisha Gregory Trubetskoy
gsingers Grant Ingersoll
hammant Paul Hammant
hemapani Srinath Perera
hindessm Mark Hindess
hlship Howard M. Lewis Ship
horwat Justyna Horwat
husted Ted Husted
hwright Hyrum K. Wright
ianh Ian Holsman
igalic Igor Galić
ivaynberg Igor Vaynberg
jalkanen Janne Jalkanen
jawi Jan Willem Janssen
jcarman James W. Carman
jdcasey John Casey
jefft Jeff Turner
jeremias Jeremias Märki
jeremy Jeremy Quinn
jgallacher Jim Gallacher
jgray Jonathan Gray
jhunter Jason Hunter
jimw Jim Winstead
jm Justin Mason
jmcnally John McNally
jnioche Julien Nioche
joes Joe Schaefer
johan Johan Oskarsson
jstrachan James Strachan
jta Jean T. Anderson
juergen Juergen Pill
jukka Jukka Zitting
jvermillard Julien Vermillard
jwoolley Cliff Woolley
kawai Hiroaki Kawai
keiron Keiron Liddle
kellen Kellen Sunderland
kevj Kevin Jackson
kmarsden Katherine Marsden
kristwaa Kristian Waagan
leosimons Leo Simons
lindner Paul Lindner
lrosen Lawrence Rosen
lvjing Jing Lv
magicaltrout Tom Barber
manolito Manfred Geiler
marc Marc Slemko
markrmiller Mark Robert Miller
martin Martin Kraemer
martinc Martin Cooper
marvin Marvin Humphrey
mattmann Chris A. Mattmann
maxb Max Oliver Bowsher
minchau Brian James Minchau
mmarinschek Martin Marinschek
morgand Morgan Delagrange
mrdon Don Brown
mriou Matthieu Riou
mwomack Mark Dwayne Womack
nicolaken Nicola Ken Barozzi
nigel Nigel Daley
nlehuen Nicolas Lehuen
nwellnhof Nick Wellnhofer
orcmid Dennis E. Hamilton
otis Otis Gospodnetic
pamarcelot Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot
pburba Paul Burba
pcs Paul Sutton
pctony Tony Stevenson
pero Peter Rossbach
peters Peter Samuelson
philip Philip Martin
phred Fred Moyer
pier Pier Paolo Fumagalli
pramirez Paul Michael Ramirez
psmith Paul Jeffrey Smith
pzf Paul Fremantle
quinlan Daniel Quinlan
randy Randy Terbush
rasmus Rasmus Lerdorf
rbb Ryan Bloom
rdonkin Robert Burrell Donkin
reto Reto Bachmann-Gmür
rfeng Raymond Feng (aka. Zhaohui Feng)
rgardler Ross Gardler
rhirsch Richard Hirsch
richter Georg Richter
rickmcguire Rick McGuire
ridruejo Daniel López Ridruejo
rolandw Roland Weber
rooneg Garrett Rooney
rse Ralf S. Engelschall
ruchithf Ruchith Fernando
ruwan Ruwan Linton
rwaldhoff Rodney Waldhoff
sabob Bob Schellink
sameer Sameer Parekh
samisa Samisa Abeysinghe
sanjiva Sanjiva Weerawarana
sbailliez Stephane Bailliez
sboag Scott Boag
sbutler Stephen O'Neil Butler
schof Sean Schofield
scolebourne Stephen Colebourne
scottcarey Scott Carey
sebgoa Sebastien Goasguen
sebor Martin Sebor
seelmann Stefan Seelmann
senaka Senaka Fernando
serge Serge Knystautas
skitching Simon Kitching
slive Joshua Slive
spepping Simon Pepping
ssb Stig Bakken
stas Stas Bekman
stefan Stefan Guggisberg
stefano Stefano Mazzocchi
sterling Sterling Hughes
steven Steven Gill
stoddard Bill Stoddard
stsp Stefan Sperling
susie Susan Wu
sussman Ben Collins-Sussman
tandraschko Thomas Andraschko
taylor David Sean Taylor
tfischer Thomas Fischer
thies Thies C. Arntzen
thommay Thom May
tn Thomas Neidhart
tomdz Thomas Dudziak
tomwhite Tom White
tonywu Yue Hao Wu
trustin Trustin Lee
tucu Alejandro Abdelnur
twl Theodore W. Leung
ugo Ugo Cei
uncled David Nuescheler
vhardy Vincent Hardy
vmassol Vincent Massol
vsiveton Vincent Siveton
wglass William Glass-Husain
wohali Joan Touzet
woollard David Matthew Woollard
xli Xiao-Feng Li
yoavs Yoav Shapira
yoshiki Yoshiki Hayashi
zeev Zeev Suraski
zoe Zoe Slattery

Deceased Members of The Apache Software Foundation