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DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT This is a DRAFT document and not official policy, pending review by the board and relevant corporate officers with responsibility for various policy areas.

What is an Apache project?

The ASF is home to a wide range of nearly 200 software product communities, each working with their own collaborative community style to create the many freely available software products that Apache is known for. There are many different references available on "The Apache Way" and different policies at the ASF, it is not always clear which policies are required, which are best practices, and which are merely suggestions.

This document provides a simple list of the ASF's expectations of any Apache project, with pointers to the detailed policies or best practices. "Apache project" specifically means a top level project at the ASF. Incubator podlings must meet these requirements before graduation. Projects not hosted at the ASF - even if they are using the Apache license - are not strictly "Apache projects".

Ultimately, Apache projects report to, and are responsible to, the Apache Software Foundation Board of Directors, which mandates these policies for the ASF as a whole. Various ASF corporate officers are also responsible for setting specific ASF-wide policies, as well as for providing various services to all Apache projects (primarily Infra, Legal, Brand, Press, and Fundraising).








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Incubator Podlings


As a volunteer-run organization, the ASF has documented corporate and project policies in a variety of places. This document merely serves as an overview of the true requirements vs. some of the many best practices; the various linked policy documents are normative.

The Project Management Committee Guide has a simplistic PMC Requirements list.